Australians say bye-bye Bali and flock to Sri Lanka for its ‘pristine beaches, perfect weather and bargain resorts’


Australian travellers are saying bye-bye Bali and flocking to Sri Lanka for its “pristine beaches, perfect weather and bargain resorts”, says the UK’s Mail Online newspaper website.

For decades, Bali and Thailand have remained firm favourites for Australians looking for a quick and cheap overseas holiday.

But the Mail’s Laura Hedges reports that Aussies visitors to Sri Lanka grew 38.3 per cent in 2018—and the numbers are increasingly rapidly.


It notes that “with perfect white sand beaches, lush tropical forests and wildlife safaris … it’s not hard to see why travellers are choosing to ignore tradition and fly almost 7,000 kilometres for a holiday.

“It’s taking over Bali and Thailand as the top travel destination for Australians … more than any other country since last year.”

Moreover, “Australians who make the trip to Sri Lanka say it reminds them of Bali 30 years ago; with less crowds, kinder locals and untouched beach breaks”.


One reason is the sense of security. Writes Kirstie McCroskrie in a blog post: “It’s easy to be cautious when travelling.”

“But when locals ask you where you’re from and where you’re travelling to, 9 times out of 10 it’s out of genuine interest and politeness, rather than them trying to scam or sell you something.”

One big difference is that Sri Lanka “is not a party place. Excessive public drunkenness is pretty rare and disapproved of, and the nightlife is pretty subdued”, says Kirstie.

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