Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries, Sri Lanka included, are the major driver of world tourism technologies, according to a report by MIS Asia, the leading IT management magazine.

This dominance, its says, and the region’s lead in travel consumption and services, is also why it leads the world in travel technology innovation.

The website interviewed Hervé Couturier, Executive Vice President of Research & Development at Amadeus IT Group.

Amadeus bills itself as “providing the technology which keeps the travel sector moving—from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes”.

Couturier’s message is clear: “Over the years, technology and the increasing reliance on the Internet have contributed to the evolution of the travel industry.

“Today, travellers expect instantaneous updates along their journey, from flight delays to trip ideas,” he says, adding that travellers want technologies and smart devices that manage multiple aspects of their travel itineraries.

Social media

Meanwhile, “the dominance of social media has also encouraged the desire to be treated as individuals, highlighting the importance for travel companies to focus on personalising recommendations and recognising preferences”.

Amadeus’ Future Traveller Tribes 2020 report identifies six Traveller Tribes that will shape global travel in 2030: Simplicity Searchers; Reward Hunters; Social Capital Seekers; Cultural Purists; Ethical Travellers; and Obligation Meeters.

Says Couturier: “To satisfy these different travellers, the travel industry will need to focus on better catering to their values, behaviours and needs—from a simplicity searcher who values ease above everything to an ethical traveller who will allow their conscience to be their guide.”

The future?

“In the next five years, technology will continue to empower travellers with a more comprehensive and in-depth view of travel and the choices available.

“They will continue to have bigger voices and influence, as well as better access to content and recommendations through mobile technologies and social media.

“As the travel industry continues its journey to becoming a truly traveller-experience driven sector, data and travel intelligence will continue to be the game-changer.”

Read the full MIS report here.

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