It took five hours to get there, “but as the bus was driving through the town’s main road, which runs parallel to the moon shaped golden beach, we could already see it was worth it”.

Arugum Bay on Sri Lanka’s east coast was the latest port of call for London-born veteran travellers Darren and Shelley, for whom “experiencing new cultures, sights, smells, tastes and people is what makes us feel like we’re really living”.

And for this couple on a mission to see the world, Arugum Bay “has the kind of mellow vibe that we often look for in the beach towns we choose to visit”.

They point out that “the main reason anyone visits Arugam Bay is for it’s lovely sunny beach. It arches around the bay for a few kilometres which allows for long barefoot walks in the sand”.

But it’s not just the sun and sand. “Another massive Arugam Bay draw card is surfing. In the high season (June to October) the bay offers what most say is Sri Lanka’s best surfing spot.

“It attracts amateur and professional surfers from around the world. Because of this, there are loads of surf shops in the area offering surf board hire, surf lessons and surf clothing.”

Meanwhile, for those who want more than a day on the beach, “in Sri Lanka, you are never far away from an opportunity to spot the country’s amazing and diverse wildlife. While you can visit the many much visited national parks by jeep, Arugam Bay offers something different. In the neighbouring town of Pottuvil, just 4KM away, you’ll find Pottuvil Lagoon”.

And the food was to die for! “Our favourite fish restaurant was a little place called Rifky on a side street at the southern end of the strip. The family run shack of a restaurant had bags of character. With the husband running front of house, wife in the kitchen and their three cute smiling kids running amok around our feet.

“For 500 (£2.50) baht each, we eat some of the best fish we have ever tasted which came with rice and a side of vegetable curry.”

Read their full Finding Beyond report here.

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