Monthly new Art And Jazz On The Street festival will bring historic downtown Colombo to colourful life!

A treat for eyes, ears and taste buds heralds a new monthly event in Sri Lanka’s capital city thanks to Fairway Colombo hotel and the historic Hospital Street in the Dutch Hospital Precinct.

The combination is celebrating the best of Sri Lanka’s artists and jazz musicians with its Art and Jazz on the Street project, which will undoubtedly prove a major attraction for visitors and locals alike.

It follows the equally successful Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival in March, which, according to Mirror Business, “has become a must visit event in the social calendar of the city dwellers in Colombo, attracting the attention of foreigners as well as locals”.

Now set to be a monthly talent showcase

“Creative, highly talented artists in our country lack a space and a place to showcase their talents. The art galleries that are few and far apart only cater to a fairly limited crowd of people who throng the given occasions.

“Thus, these artists flock to Colombo from the remotest parts of our isle, accompanied by the wonderful work they have produced on canvas, and take shelter on the inhospitable road sides to attract the attention of the passes by.”

The arts and jazz festival is now set to be repeated every second Saturday and Sunday of each month, set against the backdrop of one of Colobo’s most scenic and historic thoroughfares.

‘A dire need to properly showcase these artists’

Says Mirror Business: “There is a dire need to properly showcase the creative work of these artists to a broader spectrum of people from various walks of life and to provide them with a platform to shine.”

The featured artist for the launch week end was Raj Segar, a well-known artist in Colombo, while the event “conjures boundaries that go beyond mere entertainment and translates to enjoying the arts with image building for Colombo in terms of taking away the repute of the Fort of Colombo as a financial capital and broadening its purview to accommodate a brand new experience of being a hub for arts and culture in a frolicking jovial atmosphere.”

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