American blogger Liz lists all the nice surprises in Sri Lanka when she visited with her two young children


Lots of things will take you by surprise in Sri Lanka, nearly all of them good—including how easy it all is, especially the buses, the trains, the tuk-tuks, the accommodation.

Everything, in fact, as veteran global traveller Liz Deacle writes on her It’s A Drama blog, the diary of an American family in foreign parts.

Says Liz, who is from New York: “There are many things I discovered about Sri Lanka … things that I could never have found in a guidebook and that no travel blog would ever have told me about”.


Chief among them are that “it’s incredibly easy to fly to Sri Lanka from the United States”, and that Bandaranaike International Airport was bustling and full of life at three in the morning.

She says: “From there on in though I have been continuously surprised by the beautiful country that calls itself Sri Lanka.” And to prove it, she wrote a list.

First off, she says, you will feel very safe if you are a woman travelling in Sri Lanka with two teenagers, “one who is 13, blonde and beautiful and attracts the attention of any man in a sarong”.


She was surprised that Marissa beach is as nice as everyone says it is. “To the right is where all the European drinkers are, to the left are all the yoga hippies. The left side is a lot nicer.”

She was surprised by what a joy it is to travel by train, like “the man who give up his doorway to me saying that ‘this is the best side, you can see the sea’. What a gentleman!”

“And lastly, I didn’t expect things to be so incredibly easy. The buses, the trains, the tuk-tuks, the accommodation. Everything. Really easy.”

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