A beautiful travel blog focusing on the world’s best scuba diving sites has featured ‘five things to do in Sri Lanka’, including ‘absolutely the best … gorgeous highland treks!’

Dive Dreams, run by Heini and Al, a Finnish-English scuba-instructor couple “is about travel and diving, finding new dream destinations, meeting people from different cultures and tasting delicacies around the world”.

High on the list of must-dos is elephant watching in Udawalawe, ‘a dream come true seeing so many elephants in their natural environment’, swimming in a waterfall and relaxing on Pasikuda beach.

As they say: “There are so many beaches to choose from … the east coast has also some world class beaches and … the most beautiful one was in Pasikuda, very quiet and beautiful, not much to see or do besides your book and turquoise water and white sand”.

“If you want some action, Arugam Bay is great destination for surfers, although the hip life style and cool surfer people have put the prices up big time!”

Finally, the intrepid duo hired a jeep and hit the road. Says Al: “A road trip is always gonna be a great idea, some friends, new places, completely different type of holiday.

“Heini and I have always enjoyed having total independence from tour packages so when we finally landed in Colombo I was pretty stoked to rent a vehicle, throw the timetable in the garbage and let rip on the roads of Sri Lanka.

“As well as the scenery making this a trip of a lifetime, the people of Sri Lanka’s countryside were some of the friendliest we met.”

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