Amazing portraits of Sri Lanka’s Vedda tribespeople by acclaimed Lebanese photographer Omar Reda


Amazing pictures of Sri Lanka’s Vedda aboriginal tribespeople have been published on Instagram by acclaimed Lebanese photographer Omar Reda after a recent visit to the island.

Lonely Planet reports that Omar travels the world meeting indigenous tribes and learning about their cultures and way of life, “a way to leave behind the bustle and pressures of everyday life, and instead, observe how tribal people connect to the land.

Omar was “blown away by Sri Lanka’s famous terrain. ‘In terms of landscape’, he says, ‘I was astonished by the beauty of the endless tea hills in the Nuwara Eliya area. The beaches meanwhile are great for surfing.’”

As well as capturing everyday Sri Lanka life, Omar discovered that “what’s unique about the Vedda people is that they’re in the latest phase of transition from a tribal to civilized lifestyle.”

“They’re not allowed to hunt in the surrounding forests anymore, so they have to find another source of food. They’re now living in regular villages, in houses and huts, and just a few of the men still maintain the traditional look of long hair and beard.

“I think with time, all their traditions and culture will vanish. The new generation, which is now in school, will graduate and be forced to blend even more into modern society.”

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