The amazing benefits of yoga and mackerel—which is amazingly good news for Sri Lanka!


Oily fish is good for the brain, and yoga is good for mind and body. Put the two together you have—Sri Lanka, where healthy eating and natural healing have been the cornerstones of life for millennia.

A particular yoga retreat in Sri Lanka has been hailed by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as among the best in the world, where “the scenery and ancient sites on the doorstep are as blissful as the classes”.

The retreat, Ulpotha, is only open half the year. For the other six months it reverts to being a traditional village in order to recharge its own batteries and re-centre its own soul.


But life and healthy living are everyday essentials. And as lifestyle blog Jen Reviews points out: “Yoga is becoming more mainstream in western cultures as those who practice it realize the numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits.”

Her 18-point best-practice guide says: “Science has proven that yoga can have a transformative effect on the body, resulting in everything from lowered blood pressure to disease prevention.

“When we take the time to practice yoga, we are taking time to care for ourselves. This has taken a back seat in our current culture, and yoga can teach us to get back to basics.”


She also knows a thing or two about the benefits of eating fish, especially mackerel, of which the bottom line is: “Mackerel are an excellent choice among fish, providing roughly 60% of your daily recommended intake of omega-3 fatty acids.”

Which is more good news for all us healthy eaters in Sri Lanka, where mackerel is a favourite for everything from full-on curries to snacks and bites to go with an evening beer or two.

So there you have it. The experts agree that yoga and mackerel go together like, er, rice and curry. Or love and marriage. Or horse and carriage. Or whatever.

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