This richly decorated 400-year-old Sri Lankan kastane sword is shown being appraised by an expert on the US Antiques Roadshow TV programme.

The video has been widely viewed on YouTube, and according to the expert, the sword is from the ancient Sri Lankan kingdom of Kandy, where it was probably made for a high-ranking nobleman.

The kastane is a short traditional ceremonial/decorative single-edged sword with an elaborate hilts, especially shaped and described as a rich mythical style inherited from Buddhism and Hinduism and often blending a variety of Icons including Makara, Lions, Kirtimukha Serapendiya, Nagas and crocodiles.

The hand guard and cross guard often show Vajra style pseudo-quillons whose finials are also decorated by minor monsters and a rain-guard decorated by the Makara or Serapendiya peacock tail or fish scales which occasionally flows over and onto the blade at the throat.

The scabbard is occasionally seen with a miniature beasts head at the chape also emitting an icon or cloud pattern. Sometimes a small human face decorates the hand-guard which is a half human/half crocodile monster. (Wikipedia).

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