More action to ensure tourist security in Sri Lanka after violence and harassment at Mirissa beach resort


The spectre of widely reported recent violence and harassment of tourists at the idyllic Mirissa beach resort in southern Sri Lanka has galvanized tourism bosses into action.

Latest to join the fray is the president of The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) Sanath Ukwatte, who says that the incident “has tarnished the country’s image as a friendly destination”.

This despite the fact that our island Paradise “is still a safe destination compared to most other major tourist destinations in the region”.


Nevertheless, as Mirror Business reports, he says that “what we need right now is to find long lasting solutions … to ensure that all informal sector operators … adhere to proper standards.”

“As Mirissa, once a small fishing village, has transformed itself into a major tourist destination, tourism planners must find sustainable solutions to today’s challenges.”

He has called on the government to carry out a “major awareness campaign starting from the South Coast of the country to prepare communities on how to handle changes”.


He stressed that with the rapidly increasing influx of tourists, all concerned need to “create awareness on the competitive environment of the tourist industry”.

“We at THASL would like to join hands … to run workshops in key touristic areas on safety of tourists, general customer service, benefits and sensitivities of tourism.

“It’s the duty of every citizen of our country to be kind and to protect our visitors.”

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