Full-time travel blogger, vlogger and a social media influencer Hofit Kim Cohen had what sounds like the time of her life at Borderlands adventure camp in central Sri Lanka.

Based at Kithulgala, she was there to experience abseiling down a jungle waterfall. And as she says: “Up until the moment I was hanging off the top of this cliff, I had no idea what abseiling was…it was definitely one of the craziest things I’ve done, if not the craziest yet.”

As a mettle-testing exercise it was way up there—150-200 feet up, in fact, after a 20-minute hike, after which “while the rest of the group went water rafting, I decided to kick back and relax on one of these hammocks because I was truly exhausted. I also just really loved the vibe of this place”.

She concludes: “Honestly guys, I really loved this place and I really wish we would have spent another day there. It was just an adorable place. I felt like I was at summer camp again. It’s such a perfect sweet escape kind of a place, to relax, escape reality and enjoy nature.”

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