A vegan foodie hails ‘out of this world’ cuisine in Jaffna, the northernmost vegetarian enclave in Sri Lanka


Vegan food in Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s northernmost city, is the delicious subject of A Southern Gypsy blog’s peregrinations around “a land steeped in history”.

Writes Josh Kian: “Most travellers have one or two destinations which really stick in their hearts. For us, that’s definitely Jaffna.”

That’s because, for a dedicated vegan foodie, “you’re surrounded by alluring sights, smells and sounds… and the food is honestly out of this world”.


Being a Tamil area, most of the locals are vegetarians, and says Josh: “The food in Jaffna is without a doubt our favourite food in the world.

“A beautiful mix of Sri Lankan, South Indian and Muslim influenced cuisines all stirred together in one sizzling veggie pot.

“The food is spicy, fresh and filled with so much flavour. It’s also commonly served on a banana leaf and eaten by hand which just adds to the experience.”


But it’s not just about the food. Says Josh: “Although tourist infrastructure is all but non-existent in Jaffna, as a traveller you’re still welcomed with open arms.

“People are happy to know you’ve decided to visit their beautiful land and eager to make conversation and tell tales of the past.

“You’re surrounded by alluring sights, smells and sounds with a landscape that is beautiful and unexplored.”

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