A delightful first evening by the beach in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo for Indian blogger Manjulika


It was Indian blogger Manjulika Pramod’s first visit to Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo. She followed her instincts—and was glad she did.

Friends had advised her to give our bustling metropolis and miss and go straight to the Hill country or the beach—anywhere but the city!

However, as she writes on her blog Pendown: “The Sri Lankan capital definitely demands 2-3 days to discover its buzz, history, culture, culinary and pretty indulgences.”


Heading for Mount Lavinia beach during an evening stroll, Manjulika and her husband found themselves “somewhere near the Dehiwala canal”.

“The sight of the railway tracks just by the side of the Ocean was really beautiful … I could believe that the route literally hugged the scenic south western coastline of Sri Lanka.

“With locals around, railways track by the coastlines, beautiful breeze and a picturesque sunset setting in the Indian Ocean made for a perfect evening in Sri Lanka.”


“We stayed there till the burning sun was gone for the day. What a peaceful evening it had been. The oneness with nature is a great time to introspect and meditate.

“We were absolutely in no hurry to check out a hundred things. The plan was to relax and enjoy these tiny moments of joy.

“When it turned dark, we hired a tuk-tuk and asked him to drop us at Upali’s. The plan was to indulge in local food, and we executed it successfully.”

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