Sri Lanka ‘is blessed with all the essential ingredients of exploration and vacation’ says lifestyle blogger Jo


Lifestyle blogger Jo Nguyen’s recent visit was full of delights and surprises. As she says on Outlanderly: “Sri Lanka is blessed with all the essential ingredients of exploration and vacation.”

“I was excited to explore this island with fresh eyes and anticipation. Sri Lanka, a place I knew little about but had heard was one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean.

“Comparatively compact, with a colourful cultural identity, incredible wildlife, and food that is so unforgettable, this is a destination at its most manageable.”


Highlights included Ella, and the amazing Hill Country train journey, well known as being among the best in the world.

And the food! “If anyone doesn’t know it yet, Sri Lankan food is delicious! The fiery curries, tons of spice, heavy usage of the coconut are all dominant, powerful flavours that awaken the senses.”

And, of course, Sri Lankans are so friendly! “In fact, out of every country, I’ve ever travelled to, Sri Lankans may be the most willing to have a short chit chat or just say “hello.”


A favourite was Galle Fort: “The narrow streets are dotted with charming Dutch colonial villas, and there are several museums and antique shops that display curiosities from the island’s colonial era.

And she concludes: “No matter what you choose to do when visiting Sri Lanka, I’m certainly sure you’ll walk away feeling refreshed and inspired.

“There’s an undeniable charm and vibrancy about this island, whether you’re visiting by yourself, with your partner or with your friends.

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