Sound of Music bids to put Sri Lanka capital Colombo on the world tourism entertainment map


The world-famous stage show and film Sound of Music is music to the ears of Sri Lanka hospitality bosses who want to make the capital Colombo an entertainment hub for tourists.

The renowned musical masterpiece has just closed after a five-day run at Nelum Pokuna, courtesy of John Keells group, which undertook the mammoth—and somewhat risky—task of bringing the show to Sri Lanka.

The logistics were daunting: 10 40ft containers of sound and light equipment, props and costumes, 90 cast and crew from overseas, and a local team of over 200.


This followed numerous trips to overseas trips to Macau, where the travelling production was on show, to check out the logistical support required and the process of loading and unloading.

Says Dilip Mudadeniya, Keells group Vice President: “Negotiations began in September, and by December 2017 the contract was signed even before we realised there would be issues. But we decided to take the risk.”

The Sunday Times reports that Mudadeniya learned that the Sound of Music travelling show was transiting through Colombo, which was “a good opportunity to tap into a show of this magnitude”.


And what a triumph it turned out to be. The show playing to packed houses, even if the paper’s own theatre critic, Francesca Mudannayake, was somewhat underwhelmed.

She writes: “It has stood the test of time, with its most famous adaptation being the 1965 film version. Starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, the movie has held a special place in my heart for so long and the music always produces a warm, nostalgic feeling.”

But her final words: “I do hope that (judging by how many sponsors came through to support this event) they do not forget to fund the local arts scene, which in itself has potential to exist as world-class entertainment too. Just a thought.”

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