First-class fine dining at the London Grill at Cinnamon Grand in Colombo

Sri Lanka’s premier foody website Yamu sums it up: a first-class fine dining experience. Perfect for when you want to pull out all the stops and celebrate. And suitably expensive.

This is the London Grill at the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo, which Yamu’s foodie-about-town Kinita describes as “the gold standard for a good steak”.

“We’d highly recommend Cinnamon’s London Grill to anyone looking for a consistently classy dinner. Good food, great service, and the perfect setting for a special occasion, especially if you’re into old school classics like steak, good wine, and a piano man.

“Just be prepared to shell out a minimum of about Rs. 8000 for two without wine, or around Rs. 15,000 for two with wine.”

The Dining

Says Kinita: “While you can’t go wrong with the classics, the choices are ever so slightly dated—lobster thermidor, steak with mashed potato, surf and turf, gravy sauce on everything. The normal fare you’d see at a high-end steakhouse.

“They brought out a complimentary amuse bouche, a delicate sliver of dragon fruit with appeared to be pancetta bits on top. It was a tiny but interesting start to the meal for me, especially since I love cured meat.”

Drinks & Wine

“The wine list here is extensive and well-curated. While there are plenty of nice Continental bottles ranging upto Rs. 25,000-30,000, they are a couple of reasonable options at about Rs. 5,000 or so.

“They also have the usual cocktail collection, along with a few interesting dessert and coffee liqueur options. I chose a Mexican Coffee at Rs. 890 in lieu of dessert, a delightful confection of Kahlua, espresso, and Tia Maria.”


“You’ll encounter some of the best service in the city here. Every waiter and the maître d’ we came into contact with was polite, efficient, and knew their way around the menu.

“One of our orders was mixed up, but without a murmur or argument, the staff apologized profusely and brought us the correct dish within 10 minutes. Overall, they’re very dedicated but seemed stretched thin as the restaurant got more crowded.”


“This feels like an upscale English pub, with open brick walls, dull gilded crests, wooden awnings, and dim lighting sometimes punctuated by the sudden flare of a flambé.

“The piano music is a selection of pop classics ranging from Foreigner to Ed Sheeran, which I found hilarious because we were expecting Tchaikovsky or something gently pretentious.

“It’s a charming dining experience, with tables for couples as well as larger groups. Just be warned that you might get a bit chilly if you’re in a slinky dress.”

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