High-end golf tourism in Sri Lanka aiming for a hole in one!

Sri Lanka and golf are a great fit, especially in the cooler climes of our renowned Hill Country, with its magnificent scenery and carefully nurtured landscaping of the Victoria Golf & Country Resort.

This premier 18-hole course at the historic city of Kandy is ranked among the 100 most beautiful golf courses in the world, designed by the award-winning Donald Steele & Co in 1997.

Another is the Royal Colombo Golf Club, first established in 1879 when the sport itself was introduced to Sri Lanka. It gained the ‘Royal’ status in 1928 and is the second-oldest golf club to be so honoured outside of Britain.

The next level

Both are no doubt uppermost in the mind of renowned marketing consultant Paul Smith, of PR Smith Marketing Consultants, who recently partnered with Sri Lanka Golf Union “to take Sri Lankan golf to the next level by making a marriage between golf and tourism”.

The launch of this union made in golfing heaven, described as “a historical milestone in the local golf journey”, was attended by Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekera and cheered by Union president Priyath Fernando.

Kandy is ranked among the 100 most beautiful golf courses in the world

‘Journey Through Paradise Island With Golf’

Boosting tourism is the name of the game

Boosting tourism is the name of the game, and this latest initiative is to attract high-net-worth tourists by promoting Sri Lanka as an international golfing destination. Thus the catchy slogan: ‘Journey Through Paradise Island With Golf’.

Priyath Fernando was quick to dismiss any misconception that golf is ‘an old rich man’s game’, which anyone from established golfing nations such as the US, UK and Australia—or Scotland, the home of golf—knows is very far from being the case.

True, you have to be rich—if not very, very rich—to be an actual member of some of the world’s top clubs, such as the illustrious establishments that host the various Opens and Masters where the world’s top professionals battle it out.

But many middle- to high-ranking clubs now allow ‘pay and play’, where budding amateurs and talented semi-pros on a budget can enjoy a foursome without breaking the bank.

Golf is more than just a game—in fact for some it’s an all-consuming way of life

Golf is more than just a game—in fact for some it’s an all-consuming way of life, as many a ‘golf-widow’ would attest—and Sri Lanka offers the perfect combination of climate and ‘lie-of-the-land’.

Much of the focus for attracting high-end, high-spending golf tourists is on India and China, as well as Europe and America, and this latest project aims to improve and upgrade Sri Lanka’s golf courses while making it easier to travel between them.

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