Where to get sunsets in Colombo

Yamu is on a mission to find the best places in Colombo to “grab a good sunset” while eating, drinking and generally having a great time—and they’ve found a handful of standout locations.

They include Whight & Co, with its “nice balcony which overlooks the sea”, Kingsbury’s Sky Lounge with “a great view of the old Parliament”, and ON14, one of Colombo’s highest rooftop bars.

Meanwhile, “come Friday nights or the weekend, Galleface is pretty much a family institution. It’s also the place for umbrella couples, creepy dudes, overly-attached gypsies, and great street food. Nana Kadeys, basically”.



 On the trail of the Balangoda human in Sri Lanka

Proof that Sri Lanka was inhabited long before the arrival of the mythical Prince Vijaya is being literally unearthed at Maathota in Mannar, Hambantota, Haputale, Knuckles and Illukkumbura.

The Sunday Observer reports that the excavations of archaeologist Professor Raj Somadeva are uncovering the remains of Balangoda human (Homosapiens balangodensis – the skeletal evidence of anatomically modern homosapiens that lived 30,000 years ago in Sri Lanka).

“They are unravelling a fascinating history that had been suspected all along – that Sri Lanka had had a developed human presence much before the Indian Prince Vijaya’s expedition in 600 BC.”



Cape Weligama, good, bad and terrific

English-language newspaper The National in Abu Dhabi has highlighted Cape Weligama in its featured Hotel Insider column, with the verdict that “the location, service, rooms and food tick all the boxes—but at a price”.

Enthusing that “the view is breathtaking, with rusty-red cliffs framing a sapphire sea dotted with fishing and whale-watching boats”, it notes that historic Galle and Mirissa beach are within easy reach.

The writer “loved the restaurant terrace”—the food and the view—but “hated the difficult access to Weligama beach” at this is the main tourist area of the island.



Sri Lanka ‘is a land of pure bliss’


The Economic Times of India reports that “Sri Lanka is a land of pure beauty, bliss and an unhurried and tranquil lifestyle”, with “sprawling tea estates and sanctuaries in the east … party beaches and shopping locales in the West and a diversity that boggles your mind”.

Top six must-visit places include Galle Fort, a UNEASCO World Heritage Site; Mirissa for the whale watching; Sigiriya Fort, in the cultural triangle; and Dambulla Caves, where “stunning statues and paintings of the life of Gautama Buddha greet you inside the cave”.

And, of course, Nuwara Eliya: “A beautiful hill station, it is also called Little England owing to its colonial architecture, cobblestone paths and English styled homes”, and where “you soak in the breathtaking views”.



How Sri Lanka is reclaiming its culinary heritage

Check out this BBC video that reports how “the fierce pride inspired by this island nation’s local food scene stems from a mix of tight-knit family bonds, community and tradition”.

“The series RSVP Abroad drops our host in a foreign city with nothing (and no one) to help her complete her challenge: Throw an authentic, intimate dinner party that even the fussiest of locals will deem cool.

“Through a combination of social media suggestions and local tips from, well, anyone that will help her, our host must source authentic dishes, drinks, music, decor, a dinner table – and, of course, new friends to fill it.”

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