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Mystery blonde does fashion shoot in exotic Sri Lankan locations

Don’t ask what this is all about, because it’s a bit of a mystery. Check out the blog, and you’ll see why. All we can glean is that young Jessica travels the world modelling nifty outfits for an outfit called tuula. This this time she’s in Sri Lanka, and if you like great pics of pretty young blondes modelling nifty outfits in exotic locations, this is for you.


UK Guardian on street-food fabulousness in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo

Delicious street food and Sri Lanka go together, nowhere more so than at the various Nana’s to be found clustered along the seafront at Galle Face Green in Colombo. There’s much else that makes Sri Lanka’s street food cornucopia such and amazing experience, of course, including handy snacks made from just about anything it’s possible to cook and serve.

The Economist magazine extols Colombo, ‘the fastest growing city destination in the world’ 0

The Economist magazine extols Colombo, ‘the fastest growing city destination in the world’

The capital of Sri Lanka is forging a new identity. Once bedevilled by the country’s long-running civil war, now a fashion designer, a celebrity chef and an Australian expat will show you why this forward-looking tropical metropolis has become the fastest growing city destination in the world. See what they love about this remarkable place.


The future of luxury travel—which tribe do you belong to?

To some, one man’s luxury is nothing more than vulgar extravagance designed to impress rather than bestow a tangible benefit. Let’s face it, who actually needs gold bath taps? But the travel and leisure business is different. Luxury is still in the eye of the beholder, but the extravagance really does make a difference.