2.3 million tourists as Sri Lanka courts French big-spenders who want only the best!


More than 2.3 million tourists visited Sri Lanka this year, the highest number ever recorded, as the industry gears up to target high-end big spenders in the south of France.

Tourism minister John Amaratunga told Chinese news portal Xinhua that the government will determine how many tourists came from each different country, and whether by air or sea.

He also said that “this year’s increase was a significant growth amidst spells of natural disasters such as floods that hit the country from time to time, and the outbreak of dengue epidemic also influenced the tourism industry this year”.

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Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has been at the International Luxury Travel Mart (ILTM) Travel and Tourism Fair in Cannes, the world’s most prestigious global travel event.

The aim was to showcase all the luxury bespoke tourism experiences that Sri Lanka has to offer, from idyllic beach resorts to the latest in high-end environmentally sustainable eco-tourism.

Says the DailyFT: “ILTM introduces global travel buyers to an unrivalled collection of international brands … with over 100 countries participating showcasing their international luxury product brands”.

The Sri Lanka Tourism stall “was specifically designed to showcase promotional themes as well as to highlight the rich luxury travel experience Sri Lanka has to offer to the avid French travellers”.

It attracted “luxury travel media including leading travel magazines, journalists, online travel sites, luxury travel guide publishers and even high-tech mobile luxury travel application developers, bloggers, etc”.

“Over all, ILTM travel fair in Cannes, France has concluded with a high note, creating the platform for ensuring high potential for growth lying ahead for Sri Lanka’s luxury travel segment in the European region in particular.”

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