Boat-show-1Creating pleasure-boat marinas to help promote Sri Lanka’s ongoing tourism drive is a prime focus of the upcoming Boat Show & Fisheries Exhibition Sri Lanka 2016.

To be held at the Dickowita Fishery Harbour, Colombo, it will showcase the best of our boatbuilding expertise in the leisure pleasure markets, particularly those devoted to whale-watching, sport fishing and diving.

The Sunday Leader reports that, despite Sri Lanka’s 1,340km coastline, lagoons and inland waterways, “the main hindering factor in the growth of leisure and pleasure boating is the total lack of boat parks and marinas”.

“It is revealed that if the marinas and boat parks are developed and managed in the country, the demand for pleasure and leisure boats will record a very healthy growth for the industry.”

It points out that with a large section of Sri Lanka’s tourism being beach-based, “the industry in the island nation requires pleasure sail boats and boats for sea excursions for whale/dolphin watching, leisure fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc”.

And it concludes that the boat show will “focus its attention on the government and private investment in marina development and management and establishment of boat parks with all the recreational amenities”.

The show is being organized by bti, the Boatbuilding Technology Improvement Institute, which notes that “the increase demand for boats worldwide for fishing, industrial, commercial and leisure purposes open up huge opportunities and new markets for the Boat Building in Sri Lanka”.

Read the full report here.


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