Anyone who has ever sampled Sri Lanka’s amazing cuisine knows that its reputation for variety and plain deliciousness is full justified.

So London-based Ajith Perera’s foodie website The Ceylon Chef is a great netsurfer’s destination for discovering all that deliciousness—with the latest post a prime example.

Ajith has highlighted Sri Lankan vegetable biryani as being not only tasty and wholesome for everyone, but also a welcome alternative for all those vegetarians out there.

She says: “I never use artificial colours or flavours in my cooking. They were not available to my mother, and she taught me to create the full flavour from the natural ingredients themselves.”

“A biryani is rice cooked together usually with meat or fish, but this pure vegetable version that I have made on special occasions in Sri Lanka and here in London is so tasty that you won’t miss the meat.

“All the root vegetables and the aubergine are roasted in the oven to get more flavour, and the green vegetables are cooked with rice (to keep them green). My friends and family all love this dish, and I hope you will too!”

She also includes the recipe and instructions for preparing and cooking this wonderful dish. Read it here.

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