Love Lanka? Of course you do, and here’s why, courtesy of yummy Yamu, the website that highlights the best of Sri Lanka’s restaurants, nightlife and sundry goings-on.

Kinita’s (pictured) toungue-in-cheek resumé is for all foreign visitors who want to understand the Sri Lanka psyche and insightful poke-funnery sense of humour, including:

No-one’s going to judge you if you live with your parents

Living with your parents is a fierce indictment of your inability to adult. But the pros are endless: you save the lion’s share of your salary going rent-free, get to eat your mum’s dope chicken curry whenever you want, and people still think you’re dateable. Score.

Dinner dances!

Where else can you find the ear-splitting glory of the Lankan dinner dance?

A delicate balance of chaos

Sri Lanka is less loud, messy, and in your face than India, and less sterile and flavourless than upscale cities around the world. You’ve got yourself the colour, vibrancy, and happy madness of Asia, alongside some decent roads, relatively low crime rates, and easy living. It’s the best of both worlds, with a side of paripu.

You’ll never be alone

In an increasingly lonely world, it’s easy to feel isolated or disconnected. Not so in the paradise island. If you’re a local, you undoubtedly have a flock of 837,292 relatives who want to know where you are, who you’re seeing, what your latest exam qualification was, etc.

Notable mentions that didn’t make it to our top 10

Bars adjoin kids’ play pens: Just head to your local club, Otter’s/SSC etc, and you’ll find the bar area is right next to those plastic playgrounds for children. Because who doesn’t need an arrack while you babysit?

Island Culture: Government offices close at 4 PM. Nobody remembers any issue or calamity for more than a one week newspaper cycle. Happiness and arracks ensue at any given opportunity.

Tuk Tuk Polo: Really, what even is this beautiful madness? You won’t find this slightly nutty sport anywhere else.


Speaks for itself!

Read the full hilarity here.

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